Wood Floor Facts
Wood Floor Facts

Wood Floors are often thought to be cold like tile, but in actuality, they retain the warmth of the room.

The products we use provide a low maintenance and trouble-free floor. No waxing!

Having wood floors installed/refinished is not going to be a painstaking process. We can get it done with as little one night off of your floor.

Wood floors don’t all look the same. First, there are hundreds of possibilities with different species of wood, widths, lengths of planks, and custom finishes and textures.

Many times we can match the existing floors that you already have.

Wood floors are great for allergy sufferers, unlike carpet, they do not trap pollen, dust, or pet dander in your home.

Hardwood flooring adds to the value of your home and lasts a lifetime.

Wood floors are easily cleaned with water and vinegar or a special recommended cleaner that leaves no residue.

Hardwood from traditional to exotic, will give your home the WOW! FACTOR whether you plan to live there or planning a future sale. Often it’s the difference between getting your asking price, selling faster, or waiting for the market to change.

You will love living on wood floors!
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